List Your Bakery

List your bakery and products

We encourage you to list all kinds of bakery products such as cakes,cookies, breads etc on BakeMyOrder. You don't need to have a wide range of products, just sell what you’re good at preparing and the rest will follow!

Buyers often search for products that meet specific needs, so accurately describing your listing will help you get more orders. While describing the product mention important details such as flavour,ingredients and customisations available for the product.

Photographs help buyers in picturing the product. Upload as many pictures possible to help buyers in making the decision.

You know your product and schedule best, 
so we let you decide the price and we ask you to update your calendar to reflect when it’s available. We also allow you to set custom prices for individual days and weekends. We display your listing at the price you set and when you indicate that your product is unavailable, we make sure not to show it in search results.


Respond to Requests

Buyers who love your product will want to order it! On BakeMyOrder, you have the option to require buyers to send a order request or allow certain guests to book your products instantly through Instant Order.

If you prefer to accept order on an individual basis, you can respond to buyers requests as you receive them else 
If you prefer buyers to order your products without having to wait for your approval, you can choose to use our Instant Order feature.

Order Delivery

Once the order is prepared get it ready for shipping according to the customer preference for delivery or pickup. Coordinate with the delivery personnel or the buyer for time of arrival.
If you are interested in listing your bakery on BakeMyOrder kindly write us to at and we will respond to you at the earliest.